About BFO

Objective news coverage is boring.  Here at Big Fucking Omelette (BFO) nothing seperates the subject from the writers.  We’re not journalists with backstage passes to rock concerts and cushy seats waiting for us at press conferences.  We have no deadlines.  We have no editors telling us what we can and can’t say.  We are part of the same aggregate at local events; we are consumers of hot-off-the-market products, just like you.  We have our own problems and vices, which may or may not affect whether the new Martin McDonagh play sucks.  If we get the lop-sided stool at a stale open-mic night, but the beer’s flowing and someone scores some dank, then it might just turn out to be the best open-mic in town.  We were there just like you, it’s just we happened to bring along a pad and pencil.

With five columns covering events, new entertainments and products within given realms of interest, the writers will frame up local scenes in Chicago and Japan from their own first-person narrative.   As a result, the reader will get a broader psychological perspective on what kinds of people–e.g. the writers–are drawn to these scenes, as well as a sociological perspective on life in the 21st century.


Skelly Vadella (Creator; Tokyo Life)

Heir to his father’s multi-million dollar corporation, Skelly grew up in large houses and castles throughout his life.  He is unemployed, has tea at noon every day, and spends his father’s trust fund money on trivial things like vintage T-shirts, cheap beer and liberal arts degrees.  One might take him for a homeless man, but this is merely an act of rebellion.  Really he’s loaded.  He used to date Megan Fox until she got pregnant.

A native Chicagoan, he has a penchant for the arts:  peculiar films, literary fiction, visual arts, and music martinis with hipster olives.  He now resides in Tokyo, Japan, where a Rolls is a Rolls is a Rolls.

Nacho Nuñez (Head Writer; Games)

Born Sylvester Rutabaga in northern Vermont, Nacho Nuñez’s life changed on a family vacation to Disneyland in Los Angeles.  After his father’s Oldsmobile made a wrong turn, the family entered a Chicano barrio in East Los Angeles.  Amidst the strange sights, sounds and smells of border culture, Sylvester had a spiritual awakening.

Born again as Nacho Nuñez at the age of 13, he devoted his life to the exposure and propagation of his adopted culture.  He organized reggaeton and Quinceañera theme dances.  He enacted one-man street perfomances featuring the many and varied poses of an inner-city Chicano lifer.

Forgoing college, Nacho set out to promote his culture overseas.  It was a successful venture until Japan–a country whose cultural proclivities confused and alarmed Nacho unlike anything since the barrio all those years ago.  The world of manga, video games, shabu shabu, and sailor uniforms had put its seed in him.

Collin Bullock (Comedy)

Collin A. Bullock is a comedian, freelance writer, and purveyor of other things that don’t pay him.  He currently lives in Chicago, despite not entirely believing the place exists.  Collin likes you, and wants to hang out.

J. Wren Finch (Music)

J. Wren Finch was born a poor black bird to a band of Kiwi gypsies. Having never learned to fly due to his humble up-bringing, he began to use his overpowered wings to manipulate wind into sound. He now dictates his musings into a reading machine while attempting to master the aerodynamic properties of lift. Should you see a black bird making unnatural love to a tape recorder under a bench in the park, give him a beer.  J. Wren would like a beer.

Yale Pepper (Webmaster; Theatre)

A recent transplant to Chicago, Yale Pepper works by day in a big office building downtown, developing poor eyesight and increasing his already bad posture.  By night, he writes plays and works as a dramaturg and critic throughout the Chicago theatre community, working valiantly to establish a reputation as a theatre artist that doesn’t include the words “awkward,” “stand-offish,” and “smelly.”

Yale is half-Asian but has a fully Western name; he really wishes you wouldn’t hold the latter against him.  He was born in the Philippines where he met lots of friendly American businessmen on vacation, and lived in Japan briefly, where he threw up riding Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland, before finally moving to the United States, where he promptly assimilated into American culture and lost his sexy tan.  You can find him tweeting @yalepepper.  He has two worthless degrees.

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