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Review: Marked Men, Ghosts

Let me confess before I begin: I think The Marked Men are the best band of this young century. On certain days, I think they are the greatest band to have ever existed. They could have released a garden hose and I would have called it the first cumming of Christ. Continue reading

Review: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, Made

On the general subject of the Japanese music industry one could forge a hefty list of grievances, if one were so inclined. Foreigners living in this country, specifically those from the States, love to highlight one problem above all others: Cost. Continue reading

Live Report: Toe at Morioka Club Change Wave

The doorman had just called out ticket numbers sixty when the crowd waiting outside Morioka’s Change Wave collectively gasped. Casey and I walked up loudly, fresh from the convenience store where we had deposited the husks of beer that had brought us from the station. Continue reading