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Review: Marked Men, Ghosts

Let me confess before I begin: I think The Marked Men are the best band of this young century. On certain days, I think they are the greatest band to have ever existed. They could have released a garden hose and I would have called it the first cumming of Christ. Continue reading

Post-Show: Epic Proportions

Here’s my problem with Project 891’s production of Epic Proportions, recently closed (thus making this review woefully obsolete) at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy: I had to go by myself.  The person I was supposed to go with ditched me the day before, and I don’t have enough real friends to have been able to find a replacement to go with me.  I “know” plenty of people in Chicago, but in reality I am that geek alone in the corner of a room full of 2.8 million cool kids.  I usually hang out with my roommates.  Why didn’t I just take one of them?  Because they’re both actors and they’re both in shows right now.  One of them is playing James Dean in a show about Marlon Brando.  We already saw that one.  The other roommate is in this show.  This show.  And I really couldn’t ask him to sit next to me in the audience in between his scenes, now, could I? Continue reading

Review: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, Made

On the general subject of the Japanese music industry one could forge a hefty list of grievances, if one were so inclined. Foreigners living in this country, specifically those from the States, love to highlight one problem above all others: Cost. Continue reading