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The Very Hard Difficulty in God of War 2

Kratos about to wreak some vigilante justice

Kratos about to wreak some vigilante justice

Kratos descended from the heavens last month and delivered another brutal entry into the God of War series with its third installment.  At least I heard it was brutal.  I do not own a PS3 and have yet to play it.But, oh god, how I want to play it!  I enjoyed the first game immensely and flew through the second one enjoying every moment (though that game had its fair share of problems when compared to the perfect first game).  According to a review I read of God of War 3, it is the most brutal game of the three.  Specifically, the review mentioned a battle that has a very Irreversible (One of Gaspar Noe’s if-you-watch-this-your-life-may-be-destroyed movies) ending.  In Irreversible, a man is killed via repeated bludgeons to the head with a fire extinguisher.  If you look up Irreversible on IMDB, one of its “plot keywords” says just that: “fire extinguisher smashing face”.  Irreversible is the only movie with that keyword, which saddens me every time I think of it.  Some nights before I fall asleep, all I can see in my head is that crushed skull. Continue reading

Review: Persona 4

This review contains spoilers for the video game, Persona 4.

The heated carpet warmed my buttocks through the green fleece of well-worn sweatpants.  I was in the midst of a ritual of semi-herald importance here in Iwate prefecture, Japan: playing video games on a lonely morning in a freezing house in the middle of nowhere.  The game was Persona 4, a fitting choice given its setting in a slightly supernatural occurrence-prone town in rural, modern Japan.  The room’s air had a mysterious crispness to it as well as a pungent stench of kerosene burning in a life-giving icon to the gods of love and benevolence:  the space heater. Continue reading